Rachel appeared as the on-screen Food Scientist for the Channel 4 Series Food Unwrapped in 2012

Rachel was the subject of a Vega Science Trust film, BBC2

Rachel was featured in the Sunday Times article on “Are you a Delia or a Heston?” 

Rachel wrote a chapter on “The Sense of Taste” in Blumenthal’s Big Fat Duck Cookbook (pp 473-5)

Rachel wrote an article on the Channel 4 website on “Testing Old Wives Tales

Rachel was interviewed on Irish radio on the Future proof show in Newstalk

Rachel’s work in the field of Molecular Gastronomy has been the subject of articles in the Times, DEFRA news, the New Scientist, Cosmos magazine (Australia), Washington Post, Yes Chef, Esquire, and was featured in documentaries on the French TV channels ARTY and M6

Rachel is a contributor to the Oxford Companion of Food 2nd edition OUP, Molecular Gastronomy (pp. 513-4) and Thickening Agents (pp. 795-6)

Rachel has written and contributed to scientific articles in the following Journals: Journal of Culinary Science and Technology, Food Science and Technology, European Food Research & Technology, 2008, Euro Food Chem XIV Proceedings, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Revue de Nutrition pratique.