Rachel has been involved in consultancy to chefs, as well as ingredient and equipment suppliers, during her time in both Paris and in London. Clients include  Restaurant Le Crocodile, Strasbourg; Sat Bains, Nottingham; Cream Supplies, UK;  and Thiercelin, Paris.

Her knowledge of food science and the science of flavour perception has resulted in Rachel working with food events such as those organised by Towards a Fluid State, Bompas and Parr, Hill and Knowlton, and the Cloud Makers.

In addition, her knowledge and experience in the Food Industry means that Rachel is sometimes asked to provide support to food factories and manufacturing sites.

To find out more about consultancy, please contact Rachel.


Bompas and Parr:

 “Rachel Edwards-Stuart has taught us all we know about food science. She is a fount of knowledge and huge source of inspiration. Rachel’s rigorous approach to food has allowed us to negotiate the complex logistical, culinary and even bacterial challenges involved in making five tonne chocolate waterfalls, flavour changing gums and dishes that enchant and amaze. Rachel takes the principles of rock and roll and applies them to flavour science.”

Catherine Kramer, former RCA student:

“Rather than shying away from strange requests and absurd questions, Rachel’s enthusiasm and creativity helped us get a good handle on the scientific considerations we had to take into account when trying to make clouds snow ice-cream. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

Jonathan Money, managing director of Cream Supplies:

 “We have found Rachel’s expertise invaluable in developing our extensive range of kitchen lab equipment and ingredients. Her knowledge is seriously impressive while her enthusiasm makes working with her a pleasure.”