Molecular Cocktails

Approximately 90 minutes long.

Cocktails are becoming more complex and diverse, and several bars are getting more creative in their method of cocktail making – bartenders are starting to use more experimental flavour extraction methods, and scientific ingredients, equipment and techniques when developing new drinks. During this course, Rachel will explain and demonstrate these techniques, how they work, and how you can use them at home to amuse your friends with more unusual cocktails. Rachel will demonstrate a range of innovative techniques, to show you how to make cocktails that change colour, cocktails with suspending properties, and cocktails with unusual textures.

You will be provided with a welcome drink on arrival, an explanation of the methods involved, and an interactive demonstration on creating the cocktails. You can then make the cocktails yourself and obviously try them.

This event is ideal for parties or corporate entertaining. It can either be carried out in a venue of your choice, or a venue can be provided for evening classes at an additional cost.

Events can be tailor-made to your requirements – please contact Rachel for more information and pricing.

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